Cadillac Lease Return FAQs

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Lease Return FAQs


Whether you’ve leased the CT4, the XT5, or the Escalade, there will come a time when the lease term ends. At that point, you’ll need to return the Cadillac to the dealership. You may have some questions along the way, though, about how the process works.At Red Noland Cadillac, we’re here to answer some common questions from drivers like you in Colorado Springs or Cimarron Hills, Colorado. Read through our Cadillac lease return FAQs, then contact us when you’re ready to complete the steps near Fort Carson or Canon City, Colorado.

How Does a Cadillac Lease Return Work?

How to Return a Cadillac LeaseA typical lease term lasts around two or three years. When the end of the term nears, you’ll have a couple options available to you.

You can bring the Cadillac back to the dealership and walk away without a new model. You could also get an updated version of the specific model you leased or lease a brand-new vehicle entirely.

However, if you love the car you’ve been driving and don’t want to part with it, you can choose to finance it. Once the vehicle has been fully paid off, it’s yours to enjoy for many years and miles.

No matter which option you choose, a financer can walk you through the steps during the lease return.

Where Can I Return My Leased Cadillac?

The lease return procedure is simple, but you may be wondering where you can do this.

Many lease agreements state that cars can be brought back to any brand-specific authorized dealership. To make it as simple as possible for you, it’s suggested that you return the vehicle to the same dealer where you picked it up.

What’s nice, too, is that you may work with the same people as before. For our Cadillac dealership, specifically, we can provide a smooth transition from one vehicle to the next—no matter who you work with.

Will the Vehicle Get Looked Over Before the Return?

Lease InspectionBefore you hand over the keys and officially end the lease, it will need to be inspected per the lease agreement. This is where the Cadillac will get looked over for things like:

  • Dents, dings, or scratches on the exterior
  • Tears or stains in the interior
  • Excessive wear on the tires

If there’s a lot of damage to the vehicle, you may need to pay some wear-and-tear fees.

How Can I Prepare My Car for a Lease-End Inspection?

Of course, you could avoid those fees by making sure your Cadillac is in good shape.

If there are any small scratches, you could fix them with a clear coat or some touch-up paint—the latter can be bought at a parts center. A full wash and detail could help remove scratches or scuff marks, too. Plus, it will help both the outside and the inside look like new again.

If there are major dents, dings, or other markings on the vehicle, you may want to have a technician take care of the job. They can complete a paintless dent removal so the vehicle is as smooth and clean as the day you drove it home.

Are There Any Fees With a Cadillac Lease Return?

As we mentioned above, you might have to pay wear-and-tear fees on your lease if the damage is excessive. There may be some additional fees that come with a Cadillac lease return as well.

One of them has to do with mileage. Before you finalize your initial lease agreement, you’ll need to come up with a yearly mileage package. This is based on how many miles you drive a year. If your commutes are on the shorter side, 7,500 miles a year may be sufficient. For longer drives to work or weekend getaways, 10,000 miles or more a year might be better.

If you find you’re nearing the allotted miles before the end of the lease term, reach out to a team member at the dealership. They can work with you to add more miles onto the plan or have you return the lease early to avoid any sort of overage fees.

Return Your Cadillac Lease in Colorado Today

If the time has come to bring your leased Cadillac back to Red Noland Cadillac, we can walk you through every step of the lease return process. Plus, if you decide to drive a new car home to Colorado Springs or Cimarron Hills, CO, we can help you find the ideal one for your lifestyle.

To get started, visit our dealership near Fort Carson and Canon City, CO, today.

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